Last Updated:
May 10, 2022

Video Critique of YC Startup Websites

In this video, a Y Combinator Partner, Aaron Epstein, and an ex-Instacart designer, Zain Ali, review landing pages for companies that were part of the YC W22 batch. They're critiquing their visual design, layout, copy and user experience.

Startup Website Tips from Aaron and Zain

1. Hokali

HOKALI is the marketplace for buying sports lessons from more than 260,000 sports coaches in the US (shown below)

Feedback on Hokali from Aaron and Zain:


Requestly records all API traffic and allows developers to modify response for any API request without changing anything on the backend. (shown below)

Feedback on Requestly from Aaron and Zain:

3. Verdn

An API to bundle trackable, sustainable pledges with any transaction. (shown below)

Feedback on Verdn from Aaron and Zain:

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